Apologies if the title of this first blog entry has led you to believe there may actually be a story revolving around beer and Bavaria. Unfortunately, I have taken some liberties with the title, but this does not mean to say that October has not been anything but busy and exciting for iheed and iheedCrowd.

Initially stemming from a very productive visit to the Ottawa animation festival (read our report here), iheedCrowd was successfully launched in early October.  iheedCrowd is the first site of its kind to give digital designers and animators the opportunity to contribute to health education and training, making a difference for those whose access to healthcare is non-existent. Via competitions, animators can create the next level of health content, which will be added to our ever growing library.

It is to our delight that things have taken off so well, with mentions within the Tweetverse and numerous blogs and magazines. We announced new partnerships with Conceptshare, the International VFX Hub and Comource leading to our animation competitions being firmly suspended within the cloud and in the press. Additionally, we are proud to announce a further partnership with the recent Emmy winning Toon Boom Animation (read more here). This is subsequent to Dr Tom O’Callaghan our CEO attending MipCom in Cannes.

So you can see it really has been a bit of a ‘fest’ this month and with your involvement and competition participation, we hope that it can continue.


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